Life Curator

My wish list for 2012

I am not in the habit of writing Christmas lists, and even if I were Christmas 2011 is past.  This is my list of things I want for 2012.


Household Goods

  • Performance Bedding: Go ahead and get the jokes out of the way… Are you done now?  I’m one of those people who can’t sleep if I’m too hot or cold.
  • Fleece Throw: You’ve got to have a snugly blanket for those movie nights.
  • Posters: I’d love any of these posters, but the “It’s Always Sunny” and the “Office Space” posters stand out.
  • Coffee Press: Eight-cup French Press in stainless steel and glass?  Yes, please.


  • Razor: Don’t laugh!  It’s important to trim the shrubs!
  • Cologne: Yes, it says “Musk” in the name, but it smells amazing!



I know what I’ll be doing January 31st.

I know what I’ll be doing January 31st.